Eurobarometers surveys suggest the majority of EU citizens do not feel strongly about GM

EuropaBio uses survey evidence to demonstrate the majority of EU citizens do not feel strongly about GM:

A couple of months ago news outlets in the U.S. reported that a majority of Americans is highly concerned about “foods containing DNA” (Food Demand Survey 2015). This is indeed quite concerning. After all, only EVERY food on this planet contains DNA. The misinformation is scary and one could wonder if it is the same in Europe. Are Europeans gene’ophobic?

Well to tell you the truth, it is actually better than one would think. Unfortunately there are no studies about our acceptance of DNA in food, but there is some interesting data on the position of Europeans towards genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Most recent figures show that levels of acceptance and of opposition towards GMOs in Europe have changed quite substantially. The majority of citizens does not feel strongly about the technology and it is a rather small and very vocal minority which is really opposed to it. Our buying behaviour regarding genetically modified foods is not gene’ophobic either: when given the choice, people buy it. It is as simple as that.