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Biotech for growth

Biotech crops allow farmers to increase yields, reduce expensive inputs like fuel, and help manage their environmental impact. Find out how....


Biotech for sustainability

Biotech crops can help farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect biodiversity, and produce more food from the same amount of land...


Biotech for development

Biotech crops help farmers in the developing world to boost their incomes, and in future could help to tackle drought and malnutrition.


Agricultural biotechnology is the science by which you can genetically modify plants to produce improved crop and vegetable varieties. GM crops are grown from seeds which have been modified in a laboratory.

There are a number of exciting benefits which result from plant modifications of this kind which offer environment, consumer and economic improvements. Through the links above, you will find examples of how this technology is being used and developed in the global food chain to:

  • Help farmers grow more food, more sustainably;
  • Help farmers reduce their impact on resources and the environment;
  • And help farmers to meet specific challenges in the developing world.


In the tabs to the left you will find a database of useful statistics and information on the role and contribution of agricultural technology in the UK and around the world.

The myths around GM crops are also dispelled here.